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A Letter to the Future...

Dizzy Dee’s Cake in a Cup!

July 29, 2010

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there lived a young girl named B.

She loved trying out recipes (which had delicious pictures alongside).

But today she was really hungry and reeeeally lazy. She wanted to eat something sweet. She looked and looked, all over the internet, for an easy cake recipe (that didn’t give ingredients in grams). But to no avail… not one seemed good enough!

And then, wonder of wonders! She found the answer she’d been looking for!

It was…. Dizzy Dee’s

Chocolate Cake In 5 Minutes!


4 Tablespoons cake flour
4 Tablespoons sugar
2 Tablespoons cocoa
1 Egg
3 Tablespoons milk
3 Tablespoons oil
1 Mug

She almost weeped for joy!


Oh this cake was good! You can make your own minor changes (like, I added a teeny bit of cinnamon) and it’s quick and easy. Mix the dry, add the wet, all in the mug and pop it in the microwave (POP!) for 3-5 minutes. Voila! Your cake is ready.

Try it, it’s fun!

Paper dolly, thermocol face

July 23, 2010

College Again! And my ‘shift’ key breaks.

July 22, 2010

(This one had to be published on the 20th… :P)


Today was a SUPER exhausting day! And one of ‘those’ days that stand out as the best days of your life. When I’m old (one day) and lying in a bed, knowing (“somehow”) that my time has come, I’ll see my life flashing before my eyes. I’ll want today to not just be in the life-movie, but all the fun we had to be in the closing credits (and bloopers!). Haha! :P

Today was the first day of college. We had our Orientation Day program (dance, drama, music!). It was SO much fun being on stage again! I don’t consider myself a good actor, but being a part of a troupe, hanging out, coming up with ideas, fooling around, sweating like I’ve spent a summer hour in a Delhi kitchen, the smell of the stage, the bright lights, listening to the audience’s reactions, covering up mistakes, technical difficulties, warm ups, dancing like maniacs, shedding inhibitions like old skin, and just feeling like I belong, all, make up the brilliant experience of acting in a play!

We’d been sweating it out in the auditorium for a week (or more) and on the day of the performance, it finally rained! After the program, we ran out into the college front lawns, and danced wildly under the almost-black clouds. Poor fuchchas, they probably thought we were mad, the way they stared! After Jhumbalika we were back in the college building, soaking wet, when the first first-year said that she wanted to join the DramSoc. Our President looked so happy!

Hehe… after all that fun, I fell ill. Perhaps the glorious rain is to blame! Aw well… it was worth it! I’m so glad college has re-opened! It’s nice to be back: getting late for class, chatting on the way to class, grabbing something quick to eat between classes, messaging friends when the teacher/lecturer arrives before they’re in class. Oh it’s good to be back! (I suppose I’ll be mourning the loss of the vacations within a week, though!)

‘How many boards would the Mongol hoard, if the Mongol hordes got bored?”


Protected: When you Want Something with all your Heart.

July 16, 2010

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What’s your Favorite place in the world?

July 15, 2010

What is it?

I suppose I could say Switzerland. It’s the only place I’ve been to, outside India. It’s beautiful. The sky, the earth, the water, everything… it’s so fresh and cool and peaceful and green. But most of all, it’s clean.

Now I suppose you’d ask ‘why outside India?’ Isn’t there any place IN India that I love? Or that I could call my favorite place in the whole wide world? I have traveled around the country a lot. It shouldn’t be difficult to find one place I really love.

The thing is, when you’re traveling all the time, it becomes difficult to get attached to a place. The way I’ve grown up, I don’t really belong anywhere specific. Whether I’m in the north or the south of the country, I’m not from there. I say I was born in Bombay, but I don’t feel like I know that city either. Not even Pune (the place I spent five of the most crucial years of my life) is really home (or a favorite).

Another reason I’d probably say Switzerland, is that it’s such a rich country. Who wouldn’t want to belong there! Plus, I spent just 15 days there. If I had to… say work there, I don’t think it’d be a favorite too long.

I could name my most beautiful, dream like, wished for, needed place in the world. But not favorite…

A dream answer?

My favorite place in the world is in a book. Once your nose is buried in there, it’s all up to your imagination.


July 14, 2010


:P I’m off for a party, so I have just 10 minutes to write a post (maybe less). So….. *drum roll*


The Dramatics Society of my college is working on a spoof. We’re planning to make the ending a little choir like, with a dance-drama scene based on Glee. So homework was to watch a few music scenes from Glee.

It didn’t take too long for Glee fever to catch on! I’m dying to watch the whole season. Sure, it’s probably got a (kind of) stereotypical story-line, but it’s a MUSICAL! And they’ve picked up a lot of really popular songs, and created brilliant covers. Reminds me a whole lot of Across the Universe.

I’ve always loved musicals. Maybe it’s an indian thing. All our movies have song and dance sequences, with multiple costume changes and synchronized steps. It flummoxed O.o me when my uncle from the US said he hates musicals. Oh well…


French Kiss

July 13, 2010

Movie watching started!!! :D Oh yeeeaaaa!

And the first one was French Kiss! It really is a beautiful movie. Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline play the roles of heart-broken, cheated-on girlfriend (without a country) and softy-at-heart thief (who happens to have a verrrry good friend in a cop who’s life he once saved.)

Awww! I’m watching the ending right now! And it’s the sweetest thing in the world!

Honestly, it’s a romantic comedy that would put most movies in the same genre to shame (specially the ones today). Now that might have something to do with the fact that three quarters of the movie is based in France. There are vineyards, road side cafe’s and b-E-A-u-TIful scenery. Add to that one rather debonair frenchman, and the picture is parfait!

Now the movie follows the route that most such movies follow. Kate (Ryan- she’s called Kate in Kate and Leopold too!) is a safe, the-only-time-i-ever-did-anything-dangerous-i-got-caught girl. She is engaged to Charlie (Timothy Hutton), a commitment-phobic doctor who’s about to visit France on work. He pesters her to go with him, but being most terribly afraid of flying, Kate refuses. Charlie (The Weak Chinned) goes to France and (as expected) falls in ‘love’ with Julliete (Susan Anbeh), a sexy, pout-y, French ‘goddess’. He calls Kate from France, and breaks up. She’s heart broken, (and stubborn, and a little naive) and decides fly to France to reclaim her lost love. Helping her overcome her fear of flying is Luc, pronounced Lyoo-k, (Kevin Kline). He hides a diamond necklace he’s stolen in her bag (along with a vine). And from there on, we watch Kate, running after Charlie, and Luc (pronounced Lyoo-k) running after Kate, and the French police man (it would seem so un-French-ly to call him a cop) running after Luc. On the way we meet a rather sophisticatedly rude concierge, a sly pick pocket, and Luc’s entire family! And when Luc vows to help Kate get Charlie back, there is luurrve! Hehe!

Meg Ryan plays Kate brilliantly. You can see the confusion, doubt, love, everything on her face (in her hesitant smile, her big blue eyes) so clearly, it’s a little hard to believe she isn’t a Kate in real life. In fact, even in Kate and Leopold she plays the role of a similar girl. Kevin Kline is also pretty darn amazing. I think I’m going to add him to my ever-expanding list of Brilliant Movie Hero’s. There’s just something about him (apart from the fact that he’s an American playing a Frenchman) that’s so touching. He lies, cheats, steals, and has a -ahem- ‘problem’ that we’re not supposed to mention. But he’s a big, old, hilariously funny, cynical, soft hearted romantic in the end. :D Sigh…

On the whole, it’s a brilliant movie.

Watch it!

After the World Cup

July 12, 2010

The weather in Delhi is crazy!
It’s raining and storm-ing, I can actually see the clouds rolling across the sky, a sky which lights up in purple and black every few seconds.

After the World Cup I’ll have:

– (For a short time) I shall feel that my reason for living no longer exists, i.e. I’ll be as bored as a tiger in a zoo. (WC hangover, as a friend put it.)

– Acquired one Spain jersey, that I (sweetheart that I am) gifted to my brother.

– Lot’s of free time! And will be watching movies! (Expect reviews!) :D

– No reason to stay up half the night (and till sleep late next morning). I think I hear a sigh of relief. Mum? :P

– No more really gorgeous footballers to ogle at. Oh the meaningless-ness of my life!

Today was also (coincidently) my last ‘working’ day. :( (There’ll be a post about that up soon too!)

So I’ll now have A LOT of free time on my hands. There will be college work soon, (maybe from tomorrow) and there’ll be regular college too. So yay!!! XD

Something else I realised today. It’s sort of true what The Secret says. When you really really wish for something, it does come true. You might not even realise you want it (or need it) so badly. But if, in some corner of your heart you hope for it, it comes true. (I was thinking of a really REALLY close friend of mine, who’s studying in Singapore, and kinda wishing I could just call up and rant to someone. And out of the blue, he called! And mind you, I’d been wishing real hard!)

And so, I’ll end on this note, because I’m feeling philosophical and a little drained out.

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”


These are a few of my Favorite Things

July 11, 2010

It rained again today, and I was lucky enough to be at home (and not in a vibrating auto-rickshaw) to capture some pretty decent shots!

The bokeh, soft light, shades of green, tiny drops of water and the light drizzle in the background made me think of all the little things that make me happy. Some I’ve seen, some felt, and some I’ve just read about. But these little details in people, places and things give me a swoosh-y feeling in my heart region. :D

So here goes! When the world is full of sorrow, here’s what gives me hope for the ‘morrow:

– Days when it rains while the sun shines. I’ve heard it means that a fox is getting married! :D But to me, it’s more than rainbows (rainbows and butterfliesIt’s compromise that moves us along. My hearts always full and… ). It’s getting to watch tiny drops of light settle on everything around me, my hair and eyelashes, and how the air smells so clean and fresh!

–  People who smell of freshly baked goodies! And chocolate! Or maybe lemon and oranges. The first is from  Chocolat, and the second from and Roxanne (Inkheart).

– Photos with gentle lighting, soft colours, and bokeh.

– Frederick Wentworth and Fitzwilliam Darcy.

–  Lyrics of some songs. To name two singers:

John Mayer: “I’ll never let your head hit the bed
Without my hand behind it”

“In all my reverie
I thought I felt us there
A feather in my hand
a flower in your hair”

And Jason Mraz:

“Well open up your mind and see like me
Open up your plans and damn you’re free
Look into your heart and you’ll find love love love love”

– A soft warm bed with white sheets and a fluffy quilt on a day when I’m tired. And a mug of hot chocolate.

– Bright, colourful and plentiful stationery! Happy happy! Joy joy! :D

–  The idea of having my own vegetable garden! And eating fresh food, straight from my garden… *dopey grin* sigh…

Oh there’s so SO much more I could write!

But I have a Spain-Netherlands match to watch, and you should be glued to the tv too!

Ta! :D

Shopping and Hotels

July 10, 2010


When I started with NaBloPoMo, I had no idea it would be this hard!

I went shopping today, thinking i was getting two jobs done. Brilliant retail therapy, and something to write a post on.

Un-for-tu-nate-ly, going shopping in Delhi summers (and it’s gotten hot again) means getting kinda drained out.

Which means getting back home, and having just about enough energy to take a shower, change into something comfy, turn on the AC, and maybe watch a movie. (Hey it’s vacations, no homework!)

So the highlights of today?

– Checking out almost every shoe shop at South Ex. for a pair of shoes that didn’t have chamki glitter or gigantic stones on them, weren’t made of leather, and didn’t have needle thin heels. Not easy, but mission accomplished.

– Crossing from one side of the market to the other (subway) thrice.

– Picking a Spain jersey (which I couldn’t get a name printed on, cause they ran out of letters or ink or something).

– Grinning stupidly at two VERY cute sales guys at Allen Solly. And hearing two other customers grumble about how billing was taking too long! :P

– And ending up with around 10 shopping bags.

Fun! :D

And yes.

The movie: ‘Hotel for Dogs’.

It’s light, funny, has a teeny bit of romance, and is rather entertaining for anyone who has even a mild liking for dogs! And little kids will love it. I thought the brother-sister bit where Andi and Bruce cry (as they’re being separated) was kind of over-done. But if you can overlook bits like that, it’s a feel good movie for anyone who’s ever dreamed of being a super-hero (And kicking dog-catcher ass!)

Now I’m off to catch the Germany- Uruguay match (and be half deafened by the vuvuzela’s)!


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