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happily ever after: matilda continued

March 16, 2008

Tejaswee wrote this story for an online contest in Jan 2004. I googled and found this contest – it could have been the same one or another contest,



“What Happens Next?” Roald Dahl Sequel Contest


Matilda had been living with Ms Honey for quite some time when one day while walking down the road towards the bookshop she read a sign that said:



Matilda knew that there was no place like Haloomasadu but she thought she’d give it a try. So when she got home she told Ms Honey and Ms Honey agreed that Matilda should give it a try.

That whole night Matilda wrote and wrote and wrote. She got up in the morning to realize that she had fallen asleep on her story. She quickly scribbled the last few lines and hurried to the store that had the poster put up in its front.

She went up to the manager and asked him,” Excuse me sir, but where am I to put this story?” He laughed…. and laughed and laughed and laughed.

His laugh wasn’t like Ms Honey’s soft one nor like Santa Clauses loud HO-HO it was mean and cold and sounded a bit like ‘eh-he-he-he’. Like someone pretending to have a French accent. Sure enough, when he spoke, he spoke with an accent.

He said,”Leteel girrl I am trruly sorry but you deed not read the sign carrfully enough. It ees cliearly stated tat zee last date ees over.”

Matilda was just turning to leave when he said, “Dear, do tzell me eef your name ees Matilda? And do giv me zat storry. I woldz love to see it.” Matilda turned and looked the man over carefully.

She gave him the story and slowly said, ” I am not supposed to tell strangers my name.” and turning around walked out of the shop. When she reached home and told Ms Honey. Ms Honey agreed that it sounded strange.

” Matilda, You won! You won!”, shouted one of her schoolmates. “Won? Won what? “, she asked puzzled. ” You won a free trip to that Haloomasa- place and they have said you can take your class with you! Look it says so right here in the newspaper!” Matilda ran all the way home. She was more suspicious than happy but Ms Honey cleared all her doubts by saying that Haloomasadu must be a new resort of some kind. Matilda had decided to take her whole class along with her.


“PLEEZ PUT ON ZEE SEAT BELTS THAT HAVE BEEN PRROVIDED. IT EES FOR YOUR OWN SAAFTY.” said the air hostess.” That voice sounds so familiar.” remarked Matilda.” Many voices do”, said Mrs. Yong,”For instance when I had gone to India when I was young………….” Everyone was exited and the noise in the plane was defining. Matilda put on her seat belt and tightened it. She had somehow brought almost the whole school with her.

The plane jerked forward and started to taxi.  It gave another jerk and rose into the air. Behind Matilda someone was muttering,” Ohhhhhh I don’t like this, I do not like this…” The plane climbed higher and higher and higher. Suddenly Matilda saw something whoosh past her window. Looking up she saw Charlie and Mr. Willy Wonka flying up in their magic elevator. An air hostess came by with her tray but before she could offer Matilda anything a cold voice from the front of the plane said,” Hello my leeteel cheeldren, Enjoying your party.” Matilda whispered to the girl sitting next to her, “That’s the French man who took my story.”

The French man herd her,” Not the french man, Matilda, but the woman! HA HA HA HA HA! And not even French! I AM Ms TRUNCHBULL! And I have come to take my revenge by hijacking this plane and forcing the pilot to land near the big pit that the queen of England built for the Giants where Fleshlugger and hi friends will eat you!”

Matilda’s hand shot into the air.

“Yes”, said Ms Trunchbull.

” Have you already told the pilot?” she asked.

“No”, said Ms Trunchbull and she went on to explain why… Now Ms Trunchbull had not thought that as she had once been a teacher it was a habit for her to answer any question asked.

Matilda had guessed this and had quickly formulated a plan.

She whispered to Ms Honey,” Tell the other children that this is a show and tell program put up for them. Tell them to ask her questions.”

Ms Honey guessed Matilda’s plan and whispered it to Ms Yong who was sitting next to her.  Soon the whole plane knew of this idea and all the children’s hands shot up into the air.

Ms Trunchbull had to answer all the questions and she was beginning to get dizzy.

Matilda slipped out of her seat. She walked to the cockpit and pulling open the door whispered, “Please Mr. pilot , sir would you mind flying over the big pit that the queen of England built for the giants for a bit and then turning around and flying back home. We have a package we would like to dispose off over there.”

” Yes ma’am were already flying over it now so you can throw your package out now”, answered the pilot. When Matilda came out Ms Trunchbull was already getting very dizzy.

Matilda pulled at her sleeve and innocently asked, “Ms Trunchbull if you are feeling dizzy then you can go through that door and drink a glass of water.”

Now ‘that door’ was the door out of the plane and when Ms Trunchbull stepped out she landed with a big thump right on Fleshluggers head and Matilda could here his shouts of happiness all the way home.

Suddenly Matilda’s eyes shot open and she looked around the room. She had fallen asleep on the paper, which had her story on it ” It was just a dream”, she murmured and changed and got into bed.

Behind her, outside the window, a pair of mean cold eyes glinted. “Yess Mateelda, zeet was zust a leetle dream. Eh-he-he-he…..”

Written/saved on Jan 10th 2004

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  1. December 3, 2012 7:49 pm

    nice story. Loved the french accent

  2. March 4, 2014 12:18 am

    wow.. your daughter had some imagination! :)

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