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20 lines

January 9, 2010

20 lines i have to write,

just 20 lines a day.

but i must say it’s quite a plight,

i have not much to say.

see i could write of love and life

but isn’t that a bore!

or i could list my every vice,

but that’s been done before.

a movie review, a favorite song!

a random silly short story

alliteration, simile, oxymornon

dissect a book in hyperbole!

theres so much happening around me, you see

it’s hard to keep track.

and then i have to write a blog

(mum’s looking over, oh drat!)

these 20 lines are now my cross

with pride i must thus bear.

the mile stones, where’s my albatross?

(couldn’t think of a last line!) :P oh dear!

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