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Strange people i tell you!

January 20, 2010

Some people can be so… well, confusing. Although it may sound a little immature to use that term.

Ok maybe I can put it this way.

Some people can be very confusing, till you understand how they work. Their strategy, their… lets call it modus operandi.  How they work people. Get their work done. Survive.

When you do understand how they work, you’d call it manipulation.

It’s strange. Unless you’ve met people like this before (and you probably will if you haven’t yet!) the first meeting can put you off guard.


She smiled, making her face light up. Practically bouncing with enthusiasm and excitement, she crossed the floor, looking straight at me. She seemed so open, honest, frank, warm and inviting. Her mother followed close behind her, mildly interested in seeing who her daughter was talking to. She was excited to be in a new school. And the board was so interesting, she planned to take some of the hardest classes. Did I know she was a whiz in math? Well she was! :D


They seem so… nice.

And then come the tests. They proceed slowly, testing  the water with their toes as they proceed. If it turns too warm all of a sudden, they skip back a few steps, smoothly shifting back to being nice.


Who left the toilet paper floating in the pot? we were asked. She looked at both faces warily, a slight smile on her face, slightly disgusted. One looked a little uncomfortable. The other said it didn’t really matter, considering how there was a water problem and everything. One took a mental step forward, and she backed away.

We were all trying to adjust to each other.

She was speaking in ‘p’ language another time

One of us understood and she backed down after the rebuke.


You begin to understand how these people work. Is it the little tears in the facade? Or just the time you spend together?

What’s interesting is how other people work around this manipulation. See, even these ‘manipulators’ are human. They have flaws.


She would cry in class sometimes. Everyone was sympathetic. She’d talk about how bad life was at home. She’d call sometimes (sometimes she’d try my phone ‘at least 10 times, but it would come out of service. Could I please call back?) and talk for hours about herself and tell you to please keep it to yourself. You’d agree. Then you’d hear someone less discreet discussing the same, and realise you weren’t the only one being entrusted with these secrets.

Sometimes she’d go a little too far. Was it that the story got old?


You see, the balance between sympathy-seeking and compliment giving has to be perfect.

They actually seem to study people’s weaknesses and try to exploit them.

Some kind listener will get more phone calls (or be asked to make more).

Someone more susceptible to flattery will be paid unexpected, keenly perceptive compliments.

Someone with a more intellectual bent of mind would be regaled with stories of spectacular achievements.

Anyhow, there are different ways in which people react. Some are careful, wary, understand what’s going on and still stay close. They try to use it to their advantage.

Others show plain disgust and keep a clean distance.

Some are indifferent. Maybe they aren’t effected as strongly. Perhaps they weren’t as interesting targets.

Some just stick around, stuck in the middle, very confused

I’m sure there’s more. I’ve just seen one.

But it’s disgusting how they are able to twist people so carefully.

And how they’re so proud of it.

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  1. August 18, 2010 11:16 pm

    wow and you figured this out at this young

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