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What’s wrong with the World Today

January 22, 2010

The Rajasthan Government seems to be all set to control child marriages in the state by ensuring their registration. Wait, did i say control or condone? Oopps! i meant to write condone! Because that’s what they seem to be doing!!! Do they actually believe that parents would get these marriages registered? And if marriages of this type are made legal, isn’t there a chance (judging by other judgments passed in history) that they’d stay that way for a long long time?

In Islamic Clerics have called for a ban on hair straightening in Indonesia. it presumable invites ‘moral danger’. It’s a little interesting how the article mentions only women, and no men. As if men don’t straighten their hair! And how people style their hair is personal choice. Seems a whole lot like the

call for a ban on lingerie display on mannequins in Bhopal. Um… if i could say so politely, WTF?!?!?!?! Ahem. Look, we already have it established that the sex obsessed maniacs we sometimes (by-mistake-ly) appoint as our reps. are pretty obsessed with protecting our morality and modesty. COULD THEY PLEASE GIVE IT A BREAK! Next we’ll have them saying that the Amarchitrakatha illustrations have to be reworked as too much of the female form is shown and it may corrupt children, and that some of our oldest temples have to be torn down because of the indecent statues our revered ancestors put up. Ha!
So why don’t you just leave this sensitive public morality alone and let people decide for themselves?

Tv Soaps in India, watched by a huge part of our population, continue to bring out the beauty of the ‘traditional’ life. Where a girl is pushed into the depths of depression and goes out to find a new ‘wife’ (did she mean surrogate mother?) for her husband give him a son when she can’t, to a young girl who’s married to a aprox 40 year old man (and we’re expected to feel sorry for the poor bastard ’cause he lost his last wife!)

Oh yes, and there was also some talk about banning condom ads, because they corrupt/ outrage out delicate modesty, and poison the minds of the weak minded, incapable-of-understanding-the-great-danger people!
Yea, so we need just another way to increase india’s ever-growing population!

Oh well. THAT is India today. Now the whole of it, but a pretty big part….

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