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Is it THAT hard to understand???

January 27, 2010


Is it really that difficult to understand?

There are regular incidences of small crimes in Goa every day.Apart from those, there are more serious cases, a few of which caught the media’s attention. First there was the case of the young girl Scarlett, then a 25 year old Russian woman was raped in a car, and now a 9 year old girl. It’s disgusting. Many Indian parents aren’t willing to send their children there on school trips because of the rising crime! And yet you let more and more of your citizens leave for Goa on vacations!

The Goa police, government, officials and even (some of) the people obviously seem to have very little value for the safety of any tourists or children. Think, if a politician (Shantaram Naik) could actually say that “An alleged rape of a lady who moves with strangers for days together, even beyond middle of the night, is to be treated on a different footing” do you really want to be helping build the ‘hub of tourism’ image of Goa?


You didn’t really think that one minister would snitch on another did you?! Of course they’d support each other.  And don’t really expect much cooperation from the police.

Although, it is rather funny how the BJP didn’t lose this chance to downplay the Congress!

With how easy it  seems to get into Goa (we are more than ready to let people into our country without visa!) and frequent mentions about how the number of crimes has allegedly (how i hate it when newspapers and politicians use that word!) risen, it would be kind of common sense to start publicising the fact that Goa is not safe.

So instead of  asking your citizens to follow certain “codes and responsibilities” while in the state (as the CM would like you to do),

just get them out of there!!

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