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February 2, 2010


One Thousand Four Hundred and Eleven.

That’s all that’s left.

So basically we’ve succeeded again.

I suppose congratulations are due.

We’ve almost driven another animal right to the the edge of extinction. Again

So Congratulations!!!

– to the rich businessman/ politician/ anyone-else who has a tiger skin hanging on the drawing room wall. Kudos to you! You’ve acquired, what might just soon be a piece of history! I suppose you enjoy your visitors stares. But just in case you didn’t notice, that’s a skin you’ve got hanging up there. Ever thought of how it would be, it it were human?

– to the medicine man giving out real and fake tiger claws and teeth. You know what they’d call you if it were human body parts you were selling? An Accomplice to Murder.

– to the people who go to these medicine men, seeking a cure for the the craziest problems. There are medicines you could take. And if it’s a serious illness, go to a doctor! You really think that eating tiger meat (or body parts! Ew!), or having a tigers tooth strung on your neck by a string will cure you?! Oh and as for it working as an Aphrodisiac, well, it doesn’t.

– to the poachers who kill tigers. What will happen to you when your ‘source of livelihood’ dies out? Will you take up a new job? Will you try doing something legal? Well why not try that now? It’s not that hard. At least not as hard as it will be, when all the poachers lose their jobs, and apply for the same ones you plan to. Sounds juvenile, i know, but it seems like simple logic, no?

– to the police men and forest officials who’ve finally (hopefully) woken up. Do your job for once. How’re you going to feel when everyone points a finger at you once we have no tigers left? Think about that. We’ll probably have to build a few more prisons!

Really, it’s sad. One of my teachers said “Put the word ‘national’ in front of anything and you’ll watch it die.”

We’ve done it with hockey, our National Sport.

We’re doing it with the peacock, our National Bird.

Can we stop it happening to out National Animal, the Tiger?

It’s actually shameful. I hate comparisons, but when the Bald Eagle was endangered, the US made an effort to save them, and the species is losing its endangered tag today. If we don’t do it for the sake of the animal, can we at least do this to salvage our national pride? Or to keep up the pretence of it??

Save the tiger.

We can.


Want to know what you can do to save the tiger? Visit here.

Want to blog about it in pics or just enjoy some pictures of this beautiful animal (considering how that might be all we have left soon!)? Visit here.

And here’s one ad that brought tears to my eyes. Imagine if that was your child there? Or you?

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