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Valentine’s Day (a little late)

February 17, 2010

She drifts in and out of sleep. And groans softly.

The light seems too bright. Did someone open the curtains? It couldn’t be morning already!

Her eyes open slowly, blinking against the sudden light.

She’d have to get up.

Half asleep, she pushes the blankets off herself. Pauses. Then softly slips out of bed.

The thin white curtains at the window had softened the light. She pulls them aside and looks out, a hand shading her face.

Two points of bright light shine straight at her. Then they suddenly dim.

It takes her a moment to realise that it is a car she’s looking at. And that there is someone stepping out of it.

He hesitates, then leans back into the car.

Annie’s Song begins to play.

He walks across the veranda, towards the french windows, a wide grin on his face.

She stands there a little dazed. He leans in, close, a rose in his hand, and taps on the glass pane, right between the grill.

“Happy Valentine’s Day”


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