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A Twilight Review

February 21, 2010

I came across this blog and found a very interesting survey on Twilight, the book by Stephanie Meyer. Thought i’d have a go at it!

If interested, do go and answer the survey on her blog. It would be a great help!

1. Have you read twilight?
I have.

2. Are you a fan?
Definitely not!

3. Have you read it multiple times?
No. Just so that i can criticise it intelligently.

4. Did you buy your copy off the street or from a bookstore?
Neither! I borrowed a copy from a friend.

5. What do you think is the USP of the series?
Well, i guess it’s the whole idea of it being a teenage romance. Plus, since it involves a vampire, Meyer has tapped into a niche and managed to exploit it pretty well! The angst and the pain, the emotional turmoil a clumsy, ugly, not-so-intelligent-but-still-gets-A+ girl goes through when a rich, handsome, intelligent, not-so-human, with-super-powers bloke falls in love with her. He can read every mind, EXCEPT her’s (frustrating for him). He can resist every (human blood) smell, but her’s is addictive. And she can’t BELIEVE her good luck!! :O A book that would defiantly appeal to teenagers.

6. Did you like the book better than the movie?
Frankly, i didn’t like either. The movie has bad actors, and survives on the supposed ‘good-looks’ of Edward Cullen, the fact that most guys find Bella hot, and the fact that the actors playing Emmet, Jacob Black and Dr. Carlise are hot. The dialogues are also kind of sad. Edward looks like he’s choking when he tells Bella he feels ‘protective’ of her. Sigh… The book is terribly written. Meyer can think up good plots ( i guess…) but isn’t a good writer. JK Rowling is waaaay better! In fact, there’s no comparison! Also, Edward and Bella’s relationship is very strange. He treats her like a child. Scolds her. And actually controls her actions. And Bella actually feels guilty about not listening to him. Not Healthy.

7. Which character do you like the most?
Charlie is such a typical dad, it’s hard not to like him! Both Jacob and Rosalie are confused, and that makes them more real, less perfect. And even if the reader dislikes some of the things these two say or do, it’s hard not to sympathize with them. Alice seems like a pest. But she’s cute too (aren’t most pests!). She and Bella make a good team.

8. Do you like the character Edward Cullen or do you like Robert Pattinson, the actor? You can answer neither.
Neither. I apologise to all Robert Pattinson fans, but he looks drunk/ sleepy/ stoned almost all the time. He has a paunch (thus not suited for the character. I have nothing against guys with paunches!). And i think it’s a little unfair that Taylor Lautner had to work so hard on building that body (drool!) and Robert Pattinson just got it painted on! His character is supposed to have a body of marble. Since when does marble grow a double chin? And Edward Cullen i’ve ‘critiqued’ before. So yea.

9. Did you read any vampire literature before Twilight? If yes please specify the names of at least two books.
I suppose everyone has read Dracula?

10. Do you believe in vampires?
Hehehe! NO!

11. How did you come to believe in vampires? Through books, movies or other. Please specify.
I don’t believe in them. At least not in the way Meyer describes them. That way, all super models would be vampires..?

12. What do you associate vampires with now? Horror or Romance? Please elucidate.
Romance, i suppose. There is something rather enticing about ‘forbidden, dangerous’ love.

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