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Lodi Garden

February 22, 2010

Reached college at 8:45 today. At 9:30 we were informed that all classes are cancelled!!!


We spent the day in Lodi Garden!

Now, apart from all the

pretty-pretty flowers,

the cool, dark tombs and

the you-REALLY-need-to-get-a-room ‘lovers’,

(Now really! You didn’t expect to see a PHOTO did you!!?)

we discovered the ducks and geese (and saw ducklings hatching! :D),

found a ‘secret passage-way’ up to the roof (?) of one of the tombs,

heard that the peacocks had all flown away,

(thus the lack of pic.)

got soaked by the sprinklers in the park,

ate at the Alliance Francaise cafeteria (the French Fries are goooood!)

tried to get a ChocoXcess (ice-cream) for Rs. 2 :P,

and were called ‘Rahul ki Bhabi’ by a bunch of very vella school-boys who seemed to follow us all ‘round the park (I am led to believe that one of them went by the name of Rahul.)

I guess they weren’t used to seeing a bunch of girls actually ENJOYING themselves in an OPEN PARK in the SUN!!!


Lol… all in all, it was a wonderful, sunny day! I just wish we hadn’t worn such warm clothes! ;)

And here are the remains of the day:

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