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Bikini vs. Burka: The Debauchery of Women

February 26, 2010

I read this article on The Life and Times of an Indian Homemaker and loved her response!

And GOD, the guy who wrote the original is crazy ranting MAD! So here are my replies to what he says.

Now lets get this clear. I hate East-West arguments. I hate talking about how the West is destroying culture and making women immoral.

But this particular man wrote this (very long) piece of shit.

And the only reason i reply to this is because i think it’ll make his college re-think the Ph.D it gave him.

So here it is. (My replies in Bold)

On my wall, I have a picture of a Muslim woman shrouded in a burka. Beside it is a picture of an American beauty contestant, wearing nothing but a bikini.

‘Shrouded’ in a burka? She’s not dead you know. Though if you actually think about it, a part of her is… or maybe that was a part of her that was never allowed to live.

And ‘NOTHING BUT a bikini’??

One woman is totally hidden from the public; the other is totally exposed. These two extremes say a great deal about the clash of so-called “civilizations.”

I think what you mean is that one woman is repressed and the other is free. What do you mean by ‘exposed’???

The role of woman is at the heart of any culture.

Erm… really? What about ‘the role of man’? Is that not a part of the HEART of any culture?

Apart from stealing Arab oil, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are about stripping Muslims of their religion and culture, exchanging the burka for a bikini.

Wrong. It’s not about stripping Muslims of their religion and culture at all. Unless you call allowing women to live freely without being objectified, letting them wear what they want (as men do), do what they want with their lives etc ‘stripping’.

I am not an expert on the condition of Muslim women and I love feminine beauty too much to advocate the burka here. But I am defending some of the values that the burka represents for me.

If you’re not an expert then you shouldn’t be writing this with such authority.

Oh wait! Feminine beauty???? Are you trying to imply that a woman is just her body? And that a woman shouldn’t wear a burka so that creeps like you can feast your eyes on her? WTF!

For all the wonders of your Ph.D, i think you still have a LOT of learning to do.

And to ME, the only ‘values’ that the burka represents are that:

– women need to be ‘protected’ from the eyes of men (because men, poor things, have no control, you know…)

– a woman is an ‘object’.

– a woman’s body is not her own. It is owned by her husband and family.

For me, the burka represents a woman’s consecration to her husband and family. Only they see her.It affirms the privacy, exclusivity and importance of the domestic sphere.

Excuse me, but NO!

All it represents is the lack of freedom a woman has. I mean, not being allowed to choose who you want to show or not show yourself to???!

And Puhleease! Don’t try to brain-wash people by talking about the ‘importance of the domestic sphere’ and ‘a woman’s consecration’.

What about a man’s duties? Oh no! A man can have his nice big hairy belly on display for the whole world to see! But a woman, the exclusive property of a man, must remain covered!

The Muslim woman’s focus is her home, the “nest” where her children are born and reared.

Who the fuck are you to decide that?

She is the “home” maker, the taproot that sustains the spiritual life of the family, nurturing and training her children, providing refuge and support to her husband.

Ahem. ‘Refuge and support’? Who’s her refuge and support???? And what of the fact that a husband can take ‘refuge and support’ in other women?

And why is SHE assumed to be the spiritual support for her family? Why not the husband? HE is, after all, the more ‘rational’ of the two. No?

In contrast, the bikinied American beauty queen struts practically naked in front of millions on TV.

And your problem with that being?? It’s not like you don’t enjoy watching it. And if she don’t mind doing it, then what the eff is your problem?!

(Oh i didn’t get it. It’s an ego problem ain’t it? You couldn’t imagine yourself up there… all that cellulite and pasty skin. It’s okay. Work hard at it, and you should be just as good!)

A feminist, she belongs to herself.

Like every single human being in this world should.

Though frankly speaking, how’d you know she’s a feminist? Read her blog, kya?

In practice, paradoxically, she is public property. She belongs to no one and everyone. She shops her body to the highest bidder. She is auctioning herself all of the time.

No no no… sigh. You’re getting it all wrong again. See, i’ll explain.

By being able to choose what to do with her OWN body, herself, she is in fact owned entirely by herself.

Of course, here, i’m talking about her mind.

You seem to be looking at it all a little… umm… physically? I wonder why? ;)

And since you’re talking about a beauty queen, yes, it is all about physical beauty. But that doesn’t mean she’s ‘auctioning herself’ off all the time! Dude, you make it sound like you don’t know the difference between a model/beauty queen and a sex worker.

(I wonder how you got your Ph.D….)

In America, the cultural measure of a woman’s value is her sex appeal. (As this asset depreciates quickly, she is neurotically obsessed with appearance and plagued by weight problems.)

Whoa! Maaaajor generalisation there! Now i’m sure there are some people everywhere in the world who measure a woman’s value by her sex appeal. In fact, it happens more in the middle east than in most western counties.

I once met a beautician (from Saudi) who told me that as a child, her parents never let her rest on her elbows or knees for fear they’d become black and that would lower her ‘value’.

Now THAT is measuring a woman’s value by her sex appeal!

In the west, since women are not as objectified, their worth is determined by their thoughts and actions, their intelligence levels, how talented they are and not just by how sexy they look in a bikini.

You’ve been watching waaaay too many badly made english movies.

As an adolescent, her role model is Britney Spears, a singer whose act approximates a strip tease.


Britney Spears???!!? BRITNEY SPEARS???

What era do you live in, man?!

Okay, i’m breathing again.

First of all, that was a generalisation. Again.

Second, don’t tell me she’s the only American female you’ve ever looked at (apart from the women in those porno’s and that beauty queen on your wall)? Ever heard of Alice Walker, Hilary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, Condoleezza Rice, Michelle Obama or Taylor Swift ?

From Britney, she learns that she will be loved only if she gives sex.

Dude, she learns to SING WELL! God, you’re dumb!

Thus, she learns to “hook up” furtively rather than to demand patient courtship, love and marriage.

No. She does ‘demand patient courtship, love and marriage’. All girls do.

Only SHE gets to choose the guy who is so perfectly right for her, she knows it couldn’t ever be anyone else!

As a result, dozens of males know her before her husband does.

And once again, that is a problem because?

Because she is not ‘pure’ anymore? Because her ‘seal has been broken’? (And i quote from a friend!)

I think we really need to get over this idea of ‘female purity’. A woman in as ‘human’ and has the same ‘needs’ that men do. So if it’s okay for a guy to have been in a relationship before marriage, it had BETTER BE OKAY FOR A GIRL TOO!

She loses her innocence, which is a part of her charm.

Part of her charm? You make it seem like that’s the only thing about her that makes her attractive.

And honestly.

Since you’re so into ‘innocence’, why not just marry a little kid! You’ll even get to teach her ABC! What could be more fun than that!!!

She becomes hardened and calculating.

Ooohhhh! So after she’s had sex with her husband, and gives birth to her child, she is incapable of taking care of it because she is so ‘hardened’? Of course! That’s why women make bad ‘nurturers’!

HAHA! Mister, i so totally know what you’re afraid of.

You’re worried that if your wife has been with another man before she met you, she’ll know how terrible a lover you are! AND she might compare…ahem… ‘sizes’!

Aw…. didja liddle ego ged all bruised?

Unable to love, she is unfit to receive her husband’s seed.

Ok you really are crazy. ‘Unable to love’? If you’re writing about the emotion love, then i think it’s still your bruised ego talking.

If it’s about lovemaking (which is all you seem to talk about anyway) then you need to get your concepts checked. How is she unable to love? In fact, if it’s not the first time, she should be able to ‘love’ more freely than before!

But OOPS! I FORGOT! A woman isn’t supposed to have fun!! That would mean she’s CORRUPT! She is supposed to be ‘INNOCENT’!

The feminine personality is founded on the emotional relationship between mother and baby. It is based on nurturing and self-sacrifice. Masculine nature is founded on the relationship between hunter and prey. It is based on aggression and reason.

Heh. Really?

Tell me, since when do ‘aggression’ and ‘reason’ function together?

And it’s plain STUPID to stereotype men and women into gender roles. Haven’t you ever seen a mother defend her baby? She seems pretty ‘aggressive’ to me! And are you trying to say that a man cannot ‘nurture’? Screw you!

And give me a break! Hunter and Prey?? What? Does he try to eat his CHILD??

And males and females are both, by nature, hunters. Conditioning, over centuries has created such gender roles. In fact, a study of tribal societies shows that men and women were, in fact, of equal built.

[Since it was impossible for men to determine whose child the woman was carrying, they created a system within which one woman, or ‘women’ were tied to a single man. That way he wouldn’t be taking care of someone else’s kid.]

Feminism deceives women to believe femininity has resulted in “oppression” and they should adopt male behavior instead. The result: a confused and aggressive woman with a large chip on her shoulder, unfit to become a wife or mother.

See, this is what i meant. You haven’t done your research!

You’re looking at the ‘common’ and VERY ‘wrong’ version/ stereotype of feminists. Next you’ll be saying they’re all hairy and sex-deprived (oh wait, you already said that!)

Now i really don’t like how patronising you’re being here. You might make me ‘aggressive’.


Feminism definitely doesn’t sprout any of this bull-crap. In fact, some feminists believe that it’s incorrect to hold ‘men’ as a standard.

Feminists aren’t confused. They are very sure of themselves, and their views.

And I take what you said personally! I think feminists make brilliant mothers!

So there.

This is the goal of the NWO social engineers: undermine sexual identity and destroy the family, create social and personal dysfunction, and reduce population. In the “brave new world,” women are not supposed to be mothers and progenitors of the race. They are meant to be neutered, autonomous sex objects.

“undermine sexual identity and destroy the family, create social and personal dysfunction, and reduce population”??? You sound like one of those conspiracy theorists! Seriously!

Women ARE already treated like ‘autonomous sex objects’. And in the ‘brave new world’, women will be able to choose if they want to be mothers or not. There’ll be no one forcing them.

Liberating women is often given as an excuse for the war in Afghanistan. Liberating them to what? To Britney Spears? To low-rise “see-my-thong” pants? To the mutual masturbation that passes for sexuality in America? If they really cared about women, maybe they’d end the war.

Liberating them to what, you ask?

to being able to walk freely.

to being able to talk freely, loudly, expressively, clearly.

to being able to choose what to wear.

to being able to see clearly, without a dark net screen in front of their faces.

to being able to dance, and shake their hips (did i hear you gasp?) to Britney Spears.

to being able to decide whether they prefer ‘low-rise “see-my-thong” pants’ or very high see my legs (god gifted, beautifully healthy, strong) miniskirts.

and also to ‘mutual masturbation’.

Parenthood is the pinnacle of human development.

Cave men were very developed.

It is the stage when we finally graduate from self-indulgence and become God’s surrogates: creating and nurturing new life.

So you mean once people become parents, they don’t have any fun anymore? Or do you mean that the man still gets to have ‘fun’ and it’s the women who have to be self-sacrificing and ‘good’?

The New World Order does not want us to reach this level of maturity.

Oh really?

Pornography is the substitute for marriage.

Haha! Seriously, what world do you live in? Do YOU think watching porn is the same as having a serious conversation with your wife about your future together, as equal partners?

We are to remain single: stunted, sex-starved and self-obsessed.

Dude, if you want to be like that, go right ahead!

Though i don’t really see anything wrong with being self-obsessed. Almost everyone is, to some degree. And it’s a very human quality.

We are not meant to have a permanent “private” life. We are meant to remain lonely and isolated, in a state of perpetual courtship, dependent on consumer products for our identity.

You just drifted off topic didn’t you?

This is especially destructive for woman. Her sexual attraction is a function of her fertility. As fertility declines, so does her sex appeal. If a woman devotes her prime years to becoming “independent,” she is not likely to find a permanent mate.

So THAT’S what you’re worried about! The future of the human race! My, my what noble ideas we have!

In my opinion, a woman become more and more beautiful the older she gets. Why is a woman in her 30’s usually considered sexier than a woman in her 20’s?

And what’s with the whole idea of a permanent mate? You want the population to increase right? Don’t worry, it’ll happen, with or without permanent mates! And strange as it may sound to you, people will still actually be happy!

Her long-term personal fulfillment and happiness lies in making marriage and family her first priority.

There you go again, generalising!

I’ll set you right, One. Last. Time.

HER long-term fulfillment and happiness does not lie in making marriage and family her first priority. It lies in HER becoming the best she can be, as a human being. In fulfilling all her dreams and hopes and aspirations. In doing what she loves, whatever it might be (as a home-maker or as a working woman).

Feminism is another cruel New World Order hoax that has debauched American women and despoiled Western civilization. It has ruined millions of lives and represents a lethal threat to Islam.

No it isn’t a hoax.

No it hasn’t debauched American women or despoiled Western civilizations.

No it hasn’t ruined millions of lives.

No it is not a lethal threat to Islam.

No, you still don’t make any sense.

Really man! You need to re-think this article! You’re talking utter crap! HOW is feminism a threat to ANYTHING apart from the patriarchal system, which it quite openly (DUH!) opposes!

You’re just worried about how your wife will look at you when she see’s you for what you really are.

I am not advocating the burka but rather some of the values that it represents, specifically a woman’s consecration to her future husband and family, and the modesty and dignity this entails.

I’ve already told you what values it represents.

And modesty and dignity are NOT (fuck you!) the sole responsibility of women! You need to stop thinking that!

The burka and the bikini represent two extremes. The answer lies somewhere in the middle.

Really, don’t worry. We’ll find an asylum that’ll accept this retard.

No fear.

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  1. February 28, 2010 8:36 pm

    I think the whole debate can be summed up in one sentence. People like Makow think of women as property and we don’t. If you own something, you can decide how it is displayed. I would love to paint my car the color I want. I would like to cover it in the rain. I would like to mount a Plasma tv on a wall. My wife, on the other hand, will do whatever she wants to do. The idea is to choose a wife (and hope she chooses you too) who has mostly similar wants to you. When you continue to treat women as property and as baby-factories, you are medieval. No question about that.


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