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Karthik calling Karthik

March 7, 2010

Hindi philaams are becoming more experimental!

I went to see Karthik calling Karthik today, and it was quite an interesting film.

Two of the first things I noticed were:

1. Deepika Padukone can act. Or she’s learning to. Either she’s growing as an actor, becoming better with each movie, or she just works better with some actors. Shah Rukh Khan being one and Farhan Akhtar being another.

2. Farhan Akhtar has proved that an actor doesn’t have to have a deep manly voice (or be a stereotypical Indian male) to make it big. In fact, his voice has become a bit of a trade mark, and was brilliant for this role. And i think he modulated it very well. The times when he became the low-on-self-esteem, shy, unsure Karthik, his voice seems to change, becoming soft, a little stuttering, hesitant. (Also, when he cries, you can actually feel the pain and the confusion he’s going through. I really liked his acting.)

There isn’t anything typically Bollywood about this movie (apart from the happy ending!). The beginning was what someone sitting behind me called ‘boring’. It’s very serious, and perhaps well suited for the movie, but doesn’t make you go “oooh! this looks interesting!”.

The use of light was  different. Perhaps this is what made me think that the film  seemed experimental. The colours would shift to black and white, then sepia, then normal again. There was also the use of symbols. When Karthik first thinks his life is complete, the camera focuses on the rubiks cube he keeps playing with, and it’s not been completely solved (that is, the conflict in the movie hasn’t taken place yet. ) But at the end (when he’s happy), we see the cube fully solved. Also when he attempts suicide, there is a red light that keeps flashing in his bedroom window. Even when everything on the screen goes greyscale, the light keeps flashing, on and off, on and off, red.

I loved Farhan and Deepika’s… can we call it chemistry? They seemed so comfortable with each other, like they’d been friends for a while before shooting the movie. I loved (and i think a lot of people would really enjoy) the bit where Karthik tries to win over Shonali. Their expressions, Karthiks total change in body language, Deepika’s gorgeous looks in the  disco/ dance scene. I think they really did a great job!

Of course, they dramatized the schizophrenia bit. But don’t they always! Even in (was it Sheldon’s?) Tell Me Your Dreams. It did add a thrill factor to the movie. Every time the phone rang, my heart skipped a beat. Typical Bollywood style would have been to add the drama/ suspense once Karthik takes the pills, and i was a little surprised when they didn’t do that. Also, these days it seems to be becoming a fad with directors to deal with psychological problems in their movies.

Hmm… one of my friends called it a “one time watch”, and i think that is how i’d put it. It’s a nice movie, though some might find it boring. I did like it, and i would say it’s worth a one time watch.


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  1. May 27, 2014 3:16 pm

    I liked the details noted in the review. It really was a good one time watch. And your take on the lights were spot on. There are little details in the movie which are the key highlights of this movie.

    I just came across the post now. So its really late to comment, but better late than ….

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