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On Love… and stuff.

April 2, 2010

You know, it’s strange.

10 months… no maybe even 3 months ago, i would mentally (verbally) bash people who stayed in relationships even when the relationship seemed to upset them.

I’d seen friends cry in school. Sometimes it was because the boyfriend was abusive, other times it was because of a fight.

I used to think ‘fight’. I now kinda realise that even a small tiff can make a girl/boy cry. (and yes, i’ve seen both cry)

I’ve also realised that a relationship that can make a person cry is one that has more emotion involved, yes? And that emotion can make a person (both the people involved in fact) either stronger, or more vulnerable.

And i’d want it to be ‘stronger’. Anyone would.

All the same, there are different kinds of relationships for all the different kinds of people there/that exist in the world.  There’sthe type who’re pulled together by insecurities. There’s the type who are attracted and repelled at the same time (opposites attract?), the type when friends realise they’re so close that it must be love. Then there’s the love at first sight type. And, of course, the just-in-love, grow-old-with-me love.

And there’s more, i’m sure. But I still don’t know about the crying bit…

On another note, I think some of the best love songs ever written are by The Beatles. It isn’t just their look, and it’s not a fad (as i once thought). It is their voices, it’s the words, it’s the way the songs are sung, it’s how the music they make sounds just right. They could add a pant, or a hoot, or a shout, a drum-roll, anything, and it would sound just right. It’s how some of their lyrics seem to make absolutely no sense, but you still love them, because somehow, they’re just right. ;D Lol, i think i’m becoming a bit of a crazy fan myself!

A little sceptical, while writing this, I asked a friend why The Beatles are SO loved? The reply i got was very simple.

They have a song for everyone.

“Love is when you go out and eat and give somebody most of your french fries without them giving you any of theirs…”

Now THATS gotta be love!

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  1. April 2, 2010 10:56 pm

    I love your perspective on…well…just about everything!
    Love how you defend the ‘new’ women!
    Love how you say what you mean and mean what you say…it’s refreshing!!

    Thanks for visiting and in return allowing me to visit your world.
    Pic # 4 are rustic fruit tarts….YUM!!
    Enjoy yourself this weekend and I hope you get lots of sweet treats!!

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