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Let’s get Braided!

April 15, 2010

Yup. That’s what i want to get done next.

I was thinking of shaving my head over the summer, but it’ll  then prolly take around a year to grow back.And i have no idea how i’ll look bald. Though i suppose it would be fun….

Soooo… i just might get it braided! (hopefully it will some-what resemble the picture on top. Hopefully. Some-what.) D:

I could end up with less hair than when i stated. And i’d have to get the braids re-done every 3-4 months (i think). Then again, braids would be less of a hassle in the Delhi summer!

It’s amazing, the creative ideas we come up with when theres work to be done, neh?

Back to work! :D

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