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And I leave Facebook (again)

May 20, 2010

I click to deactivate my Facebook account.
— This is temporary. I’ll be back. —

Please explain Further: (So I thought I would. I mean, why not?)

Arnold Schwarzenegger: “I’ll be Back.”

I wonder if you actually read these?

I mean, I’m definitely not the first person to try and be funny in the “Please explain further:” space.
How do you know which ones to read? You must get a gazllion!

There’s probably a huge chance that you won’t even read everything I’ve just written… All my hard work, all this effort, gone waste! *sob sob*

Is it the length of the explanation? ‘Cause I’m sure the longer ones are more fun to read. If it’s some short, two-line answer, it’s probably believed to be fake and not sent to you.

Do you get crazy people who tell you about how Facebook is ruining the morals of the youth of today?
How girls post ‘shameless’ pictures of themselves, “almost looks like they have no clothes on, you see?!”.
And boys send ‘fraanship’ requests all the more easily?

Does anyone really ever tick the little “I spend too much time using Facebook.” button?
Because even if I did spend too much time, (and I’m not saying I do) I’d never tick that. It would make me feel too exposed and vulnerable. And a tad embarrassed.

And will you reply to this, strange-unknown-person who is reading this somewhere in a Facebook office or Call center? You probably get this from an “unknown person”. You know, in case I’ve said something offensive; wouldn’t want you to know who I am. Personal vendetta can be shit scary!

But don’t worry I won’t.
And just in case you’re wondering… I am really really bored while writing this. Lol…
Oh well,
I hope you have a very nice day. And if it’s going crappy, don’t worry, it’ll get better soon. Bad times never last for long.
And I hope reading this made you laugh (or at least roll your eyes!)


P.S. That’s a nice touch you’ve added at the top, the ‘so-and-so’ will miss you. Might actually make people change their minds, you know?


Yea, you’re probably thinking ‘immature much’?


Like I give a damn!

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  1. August 17, 2010 1:04 am

    nice read on ur blogs, just randomly browsing thru ur blogs, how old r u? very mature did u get back on fb?

    • Ayush permalink
      September 1, 2010 3:28 pm

      TJ passed away on the 11th of august. She was 19. Yeah but she was back on fb. She was beautiful and sensible. And a tad bit too mature> LOL. She lives on in spirit.

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