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Bollywood Heros

June 11, 2010

I was reading something about Bollywood songs, and sort of realised that there aren’t very-many on male beauty.
The ones that are there, are kind of old.
So I thought of one. :P
I love the way your stomach wobbles when you walk.

I love the way your cheeks gobble when you talk.

You’re bigger and stronger and fatter
Only your mum’s (and mausi’s and tai’s and chachi’s and bua’s) opinions matter!
You’re hairy too!
But, oh! how I love you!
You’re Tarzan, I’m Jane, for starters.
You’re 10 years older, but ‘like that matters’!
I have to be shy, you MUST be bold,
Oh I’m so innocent, I’ll do what I’m told!
Once we’re married, I’ll be a true bharatiya naari
You’ll never catch me in anything but a saari!
I love your puffy eyes
You flaring nose, Sweaty hands!
Your 3 day old stubble that pricks me when I kiss you behind the flowers
Oh! I’ll love you till the end of my hours!
Okaaay, it was just a joke! :D
But if you did really take a look at Hindi movies today, when was the last time you heard a song describing male beauty?
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