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Job Story

June 15, 2010

I learnt a new ritual of the job world.

The exchange of Business Cards.
Very interesting, this.
It makes networking, and/ or gaining contacts into a robot-ised, sort of forced act. (When in reality, I believe that it should be something friendly, relaxed and natural.)

But I guess it serves its purpose.
For one, it reduces the ‘class’ or hierarchy factor when it comes to business relationships. If someone who’s just starting out, goes to a meeting, and on being introduced to the business partners, receives a business card, it could make that someone feel on top of the world, and verrrrry important.

Also, it looks really cool and professional when you hand someone your business card.
“Hey there, I’m so and so and work for such and such coolest-company-in-the-world. The colours, paper and the fonts I’ve used give you an idea of the kind of person I am. And if my card is super-creative, you get an idea of how suited I am for my job. I’ll also stick in your head for a while!”

And, hell! I’m getting a brilliantly creative business card once i’m working!

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  1. June 15, 2010 2:01 pm

    Remember G’s business cards? Those were so creative and looked great…

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