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A phone call to you – Divesh

There’s so much I had to tell you..! How could you just leave?? I know you Love irritating me so much but like that?

To start with.. you knew how much I loved you but never gave me a chance to say it myself. You had this idea that if I was your closest friend, you were mine. Anyways it was true but it would have been nice if I explained my love for u ‘na’?

Also, I am angry with you for some reason’s like, making a Gmail A/c for me but still never adding me there so we did not even chat. I mean the whole idea of opening that account was You and Me. and then if I forget my password the question asked would be “Who are your best-est BFF’s” and I would write “Tj, Dj and Yuts”.

T: “aoum aoum .”

D: “wait are you eating banana chips?”

T: “yes aoum aoum and drinking Limca”

D: “Oh I love them too but yuk Limca – tastes like soap. and stop aoum aoum-ing”

T: “aoum hmmm aoum”

D: “Arrrey??”

T: “HAhhahaha I love pissing you off

hey this is the picture we clicked on your surprise Bday Party…

Okay time for some News,

I am planning on one more tattoo. awesome right?? That too may be a camera. Like a lomo one. I got the idea from my friend Ringo. You know her very well. hehe. you even spoke to her when we were kind of drunk. remember?? and then u gave me orders of
“a) not smoking (which I do not even and am totally against of..but you just knew I would after drinking), b) message when I reach home c) never to give the phone to anyone like that as you feel too shy to talk to new people”.
*whatever T*.
I am even getting the three flowers you have on the same place in the same size. how cool is that baby ;) ? haha

Acha sorry but everyone exposed your blog on facebook. In the beginning I did not like it. I found all the ‘likes’ and comments so fake, even the people who told me ‘I cried, I am going through insane shit’ were so clearly fake and asking for pity and publicizing themselves.! But I just posted the one you wrote for me okay? Everyone loved it. Acha tell me how come you did not tell me about the ‘letter to the Future’ post of yours.? Even though that was one dream which we both shared? Mean ass… Now you would wanna say..

Diveshhhh you are so mean”, and then  I would “yes I am to those I love”.

This post has like become worldwide famous. It made me feel really proud to have a friend like you, I would have never said that to you in real but I regret.

And be happy I stopped Non-Veg completely :) There was this blood donation in school and it was so sad you know, It was like only 8 people donated. That’s really sad.

Oh. there was this really bad natural disaster in Pakistan, it was a flood and many lives were lost. It is really sad. And yesterday one of my friends posted this as her status: –

“Rs 9 cr per week is Spent by Indians on texting, which cud have been used to feed 6 lacs hungry flood victims in Pakistan…so lets keep them Bastards hungry..and keep Texting~”

^ I think that was the most disgusting, unethical, brainless and shameless way of viewing a natural disaster of our neighboring country. I just wish we could make people realize how one should not view the world as divided countries with boundaries and different religions, castes belief’s and Gods.Its so disturbing when I read such a thing and then see “7likes”. But on the good side, India has been one of the highest funder’s for the relief along with the United States .. Thats what I heard. 

Acha, I have started following your maa’s blog too. Its so beautiful to read what she writes. Now I know where all of your posts come from ;) otherwise I was thinking how did u get the brains to write such awesome stuff ;) hehe


“What haww”


“Tch tch”


Oh Gossip Time,
today I fought with two of my flat mates. One you know, he, like you is in the bff list and the other girl who shares the same name as one of bus mates? Ya so it was quite serious and I am not talking to both :P And the other guy in my house, has stopped talking to me only..haha which in a way is good because you know I cannot hear someone just talk about hot chicks, chick-flicks, sex and marriage. that is so not me right? and even you know every time that guy talks, all words make no sense and are full of crap.. So I cannot bear them at all now. There’s a lot more gossip about college ya. But it does not make sense.

Maa it’s Divesh’s Call from Singapore, can I please talk and sleep little late? Thank you maa, :D”

Your friends A A and A .. haha.. have added me on facebook.. they too miss you a lot. I can see it.
Problem telling.
hey you know how much I have learnt from you about not being racist and believing in one religion. But this country here is kind of changing me. :( I am always being positive but there are many small instances which prove racism still exists and it’s making me hate them. Not like HATE but hate. Only you will understand.

see, let people be how they want to but you do not change “na”? infact your attitude would change them”.

^Remember how we both got excited to know that we have the same t-shirt that said “Too much rock n roll”.. it so clearly defines Us.
I am trying to make you laugh. I cannot hear your contagious laughter and cannot see the beautiful smile.

I Miss You

You were my angel but now I hope all angels are keeping you fine.

I Love You

Like I say always…Smile..

“1-2-3. eeeeeee”

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  1. October 23, 2011 9:35 pm

    AWSOME DUDE………… 1st time i came across tejaswee’s blog and 1stly i was so inspired thrilled to read some of her posts but when i raised my head up i saw something which shocked me and later on as i search a little extra it only increased wetting rate of my eyes. as it feels now she as truly an angel rare to find in today’s world. and your post clearly signifies it and i can feel for u as well divesh. bad luck man. so painfully yet beautifully you described your experience with her.
    rest in peace tejaswee rao. Amen

  2. Mehvish permalink
    June 28, 2012 6:06 pm

    Tejaswee’s blog touched my heart n m one of those who read read and read but never ever comment bt u changed me n look m commenting this time… I lost my two younger brothers at very young age so I know the pain… RIP tejaswee

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