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Dhoopa Singh – What if?

what if?
what if love doesn’t make our world go around anymore?
what if it’s the booming economy instead?
what if kids don’t eat their veggies and brush their teeth?
what if people stop cuddling puppies?
what if we stop believing that we can fly?
what if there are no mothers to hold us close and tell us that we can?
what if the hungry continue to go hungry and the weak remain weak?
what if clueless people still squabble over the same god?
what if everyone becomes too lazy to take a stand?
what if fighting for a cause isn’t worth the energy anymore?
what if people forget how to hug?
what if gay marriages are still not legalised in india?
what if music ceases to have the power to heal?
what if we are scared to spread our wings and test the skies?

then tomorrow will be a sad day.

but what if women hadn’t burnt their bras and fought for their rights?
what if gandhi hadn’t been born?
what if maggi noodles hadn’t been invented?
what if we didn’t know how to fall in love?
what if we underestimated the power of the pen?
what if we hadn’t discovered the joys of reading?

what if we didn’t have friends to make the pain go away?
what if there were no dreams to dream,no obstacles to overcome,no changes or choices to make?
what if the stars we could reach were only the starfish on the beach?

then today would have been pretty terrible too.
thank god it isn’t…

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  1. Satya permalink
    May 29, 2013 10:09 pm


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