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Of soaring dreams robbed by fate – Vidya Krishnan, Indian Express. Aug 24 201

Of soaring dreams robbed by fate – Vidya Krishnan, Indian Express. Aug 24 2010

Dengue claimed 19-year-old Tejaswee’s life on August 11, but she lives on through her blog

Nineteen-year-old Tejaswee Rao knew exactly what to do with her life. After graduating from Lady Shri Ram College, the second-year student wanted to adopt a baby girl, become the most powerful person in the world, run for President and spend her life helping the poor — probably not in that order.

But fate had other plans in store.

In the last days of her life, she signed on for Nablopomo — a pledge to write one blog entry every day for a whole month. However, before the month could end, Tejaswee contracted dengue haemorrhagic fever and passed away in a Delhi hospital on August 11. What started as an attempt to piece together the fragments of Tejaswee’s account of her last days, posted on, now has support pouring in from all corners of the world for the Rao family.

As an 18-year-old, Tejaswee had written ‘A letter to the future’ a blog post to a daughter whom she might have adopted had she lived. This post in particular generated support from people across the world following several retweets and chain mails. “It started off as friends and family paying tribute to her on their personal webpages. Most people who now comment are not known to me. The support we are receiving on the Internet has given me strength,” said Tejaswee’s mother, who wished to be identified only by her blog identity — Indian Homemaker.

Blogging had begun as a condition imposed on Tejaswee by her mother if she wanted to spend time on social networking sites. And today, after her death, she continues to live on through it.

“I have decided to keep the blog alive. This is her first-hand account, and the only thing that remains of her. I keep reading it over and over again. It is the only thing keeping me sane. I am so glad she wrote it,” she added.

Tejaswee’s last post, put up on July 29, was on a cup cake recipe. “The next day, she complained of fever. When she was admitted to the hospital on the 31st, we were still joking about her illness. We even clicked pictures,” her mother said, adding that she hasn’t gathered the courage to check out the photographs on her laptop yet.

In the midst of her plans to rule the country, become a journalist and help the poor, Tejaswee had written something that seems very pertinent to her mother today. She had concluded her ‘Letter to future’ with a characteristic piece of advice instructing her daughter to “enjoy each day like it’s the last one you’ll live,” with a mischievous addition, “Is this saying still a cliché?” .

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